Monday, November 8, 2010

Hiking Through Tuscany

Last weekend we went to Fiesole, which is half an hour outside of Florence. There really isn't much to do there, unless you like hiking. There's a huge park that is essentially just trails that cross over the mountainside. There's an abandoned stone quarry and some Roman ruins, but mostly just fantastic trails. We didn't do very much hiking, because the girls I went with didn't want to get lost, and were more interested in socializing than in hiking, which is fine, but not really what I was expecting when I went out, so perhaps I'll have to return another day and do some actual hiking. I also didn't get any pictures of the trails, so I'll definitely have to go back.
The view was also not the greatest the day we went, because there was heavy fog over the city, so it felt like the world ended outside of Fiesole. Towards the end of the day, the fog cleared a little, so we could begin to see Florence, and could almost make out the Duomo puncturing the clouds.

There was an black olive tree grove, as well as a house with a small grove of lemons. And the leaves were changing colors, something we don't get to see much in Florence.

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  1. You took a lot of great pictures! I hope you'll be able to go back soon and get more. :)