Sunday, September 5, 2010


I love Florence, but it is an old city, and I miss the modern conveniences of America.

So I'm starting a list of things that I took for granted in America, but realize I rely on them now that I'm without:

Window screens (to keep the hungry ninja mosquitoes out)
Shower Curtains
Brita Purifiers
Garbage Disposals
Ceiling lights
Water at Restaurants

There are plenty of things that I don't have here, but there are modern conveniences and then there are modern necessities.


  1. I would make a reference to "water, water everywhere" but there isn't any. It was the same way in France. The restaurants acted super offended when I asked for more. Maybe because I'm American. Or because they're French. Who knows?

  2. My face broke out *so bad* when I was in Europe, and I'm sure it was because of the water...I recommend boiling it;)