Thursday, September 2, 2010


After a full day of people reading aloud from the documents we'd been given, I am finally (supposedly) correctly oriented. For what, I know not, but I am.

Since today was mostly uneventful, I will post a bunch of pictures instead. They are not meant to be stunning works of art. Rather, they are here to convey information, with little regard to the aesthetics.

Here is our lovely apartment/half of the Campidoglio Penthouse:
This is the view from the door. It's quite a nice set-up, and came predecorated as well.

And this is our living area. It has a little couch and tiny TV (that doesn't work, but that's probably for the best), as well as a nice dresser. It's a great area, although currently it doesn't get much use.

Here is our hallway to the kitchen and our second bathroom. The floor is unintentionally terraced, so you have to be careful when walking, because the footing is incredibly unstable. But it's more fun that way!

And here is the bathroom, complete with mini washer, shower/bath, sink, toilet, and bidet.

This is the kitchen area. It's fairly well-equipped, and we've slowly been building up our food supply.

Here is our other bathroom.
This is Mara and my (embarrassingly messy) room. It's really large, and the only downside is that we don't have overhead lights. So we have to light lamps and rely mostly on daylight. There is also no dresser.

This is Grace and Kim's room. It's the smallest and darkest of the lot, but still very nice.
This is Veronika and Liz's room. They are unwittingly captured on film.
And this is Nikki and Danielle's room. They have the nicest, biggest room, with the best view, and a dresser.

So that's our place. It's really nice, although it's located on the third floor (fourth, really, because in Europe, the first floor is called the ground floor), and you have to hike up a million stairs to get there. But that's why it's the penthouse. The apartment across the hall contains six more girls, and they are all really great, so during the day, when most of us are in the apartment, we prop the doors and open up the whole floor, giving us more room than we know what to do with. But it's really a great apartment, and it's centrally located, so we can get to most of the things around the city center within a few minutes, providing we don't get lost. All the apartments are radically different, though, and it's always exciting to walk into a new one and see all the great things they have, as well as compare it to your own and note how superior your apartment is to theirs. One apartment has an in-house hot tub, another has two balconies overlooking the Arno, and another has access to their flat roof. They are so incredible and I look forward to seeing more of them as I meet more people.

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